WoW Europe 3rd Activity 03.03.2021.

Despite these tough times LSIIDP managed to implement the third activity of the WoW Europe project on the 3rd March, 2021. This activity was a very special due to the value added for thanks to the WoW Europe project and through its activities LSIIDP helped to save a basketball team that had fallen apart within the past year of the pandemic. The basketball team of boys (13-14 years old) was ranked number 1 for the first time of their team a year ago before the pandemic started. The National Youth Championship of Basketball stayed unfinished, but with a hope to restart the basketball engine in autumn. It started, and the boys were ready to compete at the same high level. Yet, it went on for one month only, until the schools were closed again. Luckily, the practices outside, unlike spring, were allowed, and the coaches kept working with their teams under any weather circumstances - be them rainy, snowy or cold up to 10-15 degrees below Celsius. Yet, the weather conditions were tough this winter and many boys stopped attending the practices. Out of the whole basketball team, consisting of 16 boys, only 2-3 kept practicing on a regular basis. And from professionally oriented athletes they turned into children of a sedentary lifestyle not practicing even HEPA. The main reasons of this drop-out from sport were the following: 1) lack of basketball training that was not possible to be practiced outdoors in Limbazi town, 2) lost motivation, and even 3) a depression approved by parents of several boys.

Through the project WoW Europe, LSIIDP decided to refer to the call for help of coaches and try to re-unite once so successful basketball team. By involving two famous athletes of Latvia - the previous athlete Kristaps Zaļupe and another Master of Sports and a national level athlete Rihards Parandjuks, who now - after his active career works as a fitness and light athletics coach. Please see his greatest achievements HERE and HERE. Both great athletes started the practice with their experience in sport, their wishes of dropping-out, milestones of overcoming it and greatest achievements and personal satisfaction of the achieved results, especially after a crisis and downturn. A total of 12 boys out of 16 attended this practice on the 3rd March. And another 2 boys joined in within the next week's practices. The coach of the team Viktors Brizgalovs is thankful for this help to the WoW Europe project team, but especially to the Romanian coordinators of this project by involving LSIIDP in it and having a possibility to restart the sport engine in Latvia through the activities of the WoW Europe project. And LSIIDP thanks Marius Dumitru and Alina David for this opportunity. Let's keep fingers crossed for this basketball team to stay joined, overcome the downturn and keep going on, for we believe that the best is yet to come! Video of the activity watch HERE.

WoW Europe 2nd Activity on Skis 23.02.2021.

Latvia this year is rich with snow and due to the pandemic situation people are doing various outdoor activities and so did we with the children of grades 1 and 2 on February 23. The second activity of the project WoW Europe was done on skis. This was a historical moment for except for two, the rest sixteen children did it for the first time. Nevertheless, you may see yourself that the children standing on skis for the first time ever, could even participate in a slight relay. Although the day was very cold 10 degrees below Celsius, thanks to the bright sun and the effort the new-beginners of skiing had to put in the activity, nobody felt cold. It was rather the opposite. 

The activity was led by the sports teacher Agris Ķirsis and an athlete, participant of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Kristaps Zalupe, who introduced himself to the children, told his view of the benefits of doing sports and physical activities, which he does even up to this day, and invited them to keep doing their physical activities on a daily basis. But, what is the most important in anything a person does - is to do it from the heart.

After the introduction both leaders of the activity - the sports teacher Agris Ķirsis and Kristaps Zalupe, showed exercises to help them keep the balance and do skiing (with fewer falls). What was the activity like? You may see it yourself in the video of the day HERE.

BMX Project TM1 02.02.2021.

On the 2nd February Erasmus+ Sports project "BMX - Training to Win" held its first meeting via Google Team platform. The basic project information and description of the main objectives are published HERE.

Agenda of the Meeting No1:

1.- Welcome and participants' introduction: people and roles (who is who and what he/she does).
2.- The BMX Project: general overview of idea, activities and budget.
3.- Project Management and Monitoring.
4.- Next tasks and responsibilities.
5.- European Commission policies: rules, eligible costs, justification, visibility
6.- Questions and other topics.

Project consists of seven participants from six countries:
Coordinator BMX School Zaragoza (Spain)
Partner 1 Fundacion Universidad San Jorge (Spain)
Partner 2
Latvijas Sporta izglītības iestāžu Direktoru padome (Latvia)
Partner 3
CEIPES (Italy)
Partner 4
Slovenský Zväz Cyklistiky (Slovakia)
Partner 5
Portuguese Cycling Federation (Portugal)
Partner 6
Malta Street Sport Association (Malta)

WoW Europe 1st Activity 02.02.2021.

The first activity of the WoW Europe project was held on a very beautiful, truly wintery day. As the schools are still closed for learners of grades 5 - 12, and the smalls pupils of grades 1- 4 still are on holidays that started before Christmas already, the project team decided to hold the activity in the open air, which is allowed for the vocational education learners under their sport teachers or coaches.

The activity covered grade 5 learners of both Limbazi General Education Schools - Limbazi State Gymnasium and Limbazi Secondary School, as well as three students of elder classes (grade 8) assisting their coach and our activity's "star" - an athlete, a kayaker, an Olympian Kristaps Zalupe who back in 2008 ranked 7th in the Olympic Games in Beijing covering the discipline of K-2 1000m in sprint kayaking with his partner Krists Straume. Kristaps Zalupe lives in Limbazi and the small town can boast of having its own Olympian who stayed in his native town after his active sports career. Now, Kristaps is a coach in basketball leding his teams among the best youth teams of Latvian basketball. Kristaps teaches sport in a kinder-garden, too, and thus he knows the best approaches towards small children, school children, teenagers and youth.

The activity was held in the town's Skating-rink, which this year is open only for children and youth of vocational oriented education implemented by the local municipal sports school. The Olympian Kristaps Zalupe narrated of his first steps in sport when he himself was of the age of the five-graders. Kristaps mentioned his point of view of doing physical activities on a daily basis and shared his own activities now at the age of 44. Kristaps is cycling in the discipline of mountain bikes and ranks in the top of the best cyclers of grassroots class. Now, in winter, Kristaps does cross-country skiing at least 3 times a week and in the rest of days he either does gymnastics or rides an exercise bike.

Kristaps lead the activity together with the sports teacher of Limbazi State Gymnasium and also a coach of athletics - Agris Kirsis.

After the "official part" our Olympian and the sports teacher took up several skating relays, and Kristaps helped each child by individually explaining how to overcome each obstacle in the relay, which you can well see in the video of the day.

It was a marvellous time for each participant and we are looking forward for holding the next activity in March! And by this video we also want to encourage everyone to keep doing physical activities even in this lock-down situation!

Watch our video HERE!

SWoSt TM1 18.01.2021.

On Monday morning 18 January, 2021 the main partner of SWoSt project lead its first transnational meeting "Kick-off Meeting", which was supposed to be held in Prato, Italy, online. The project now can be officially considered open. All eleven partners of the project from nine countries are very experienced and strong at their own fields:
  • Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo” - CSCS (Italy)
  • Centro Giovanile di Formazione Sportiva - CGFS (Italy)
  • Università di Verona - UNIVR (Italy)
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel - VUB (Belgium)
  • University of Montenegro (Montenegro)
  • Lapland University (Finland)
  • Association Gestion Institut Libre d'Education Physique Supérieure - AGILEPS (France)
  • University of Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Kahrmanmaras Sutcu Imam Universitesi - KSU (Turkay)
  • Latvijas Sporta izglītības iestāžu Direktoru padome - LSIIDP (Latvia)
  • UEFA Foundation for Children - UEFA (Switzerland)
The overall objective of the Kick-off Meeting was: 1) to clarify project objectives and expectations, 2) to define in details project partner’s roles and activities, and 3) the opportunity for project partners to meet each other, though only online.

The Kick-off Meeting also discussed the implementation of the project, the detailed work plan, the project activities planning and project partner’s organisation and the responsibilities, the deliverables of each partner.

During the meeting the development of the web page was discussed among the partners in order to manage the strategies for the communication tool of the project. Particular attention was paid to administrative and financial rules, as well as to the monitoring and control system of the project, and the reporting forms.

During the Kick-off Meeting the partnership agreement was discussed by project partners in order to clarify in details the partners' roles, activities and obligations. At the same time, the Kick-off Meeting was developing the project monitoring and control system, in order to provide guidance and assistance to the project partners for the correct implementation of the project, in line with the EU administrative and financial rules, as well as reporting obligations.