LSIIDP is Launching an Erasmus+ Project on the Use of Digital Technologies in Vocational and Vocational Oriented Sports Education

SWIM TM1 mThe Board of Directors of Latvian Sports Educational Institutions (LSIIDP) has started implementing a new Erasmus+ program project "Sports with Meaning" (SWIM). Although at the first moment, seeing the abbreviation of the project in English, it might seem that the project is related to swimming, in fact, its goal is the inclusion of digital technologies in the remote training/learning process in vocational and vocational oriented sports education. "We are connected with digital technologies in practically all areas of life, including education and sports. It became very relevant during the pandemic, when education and sports could only take place remotely. Purposefully and meaningfully used smart devices and applications allow to acquire new knowledge and skills, evaluate sports performance, organize and participate in sports competitions. In this project, we plan to organize remote sports events and competitions, as well as develop a handbook that summarizes experience, proposals and conclusions about the possibilities of using various digital tools in vocational and vocational oriented sports education," about the idea and implementation of the project says project manager Sandija Zalupe.

The project will help to identify the need for digital technologies and the opportunities provided, to see an innovative learning and training approach in vocational sports education, including sports schools, to develop the understanding of coaches, trainers and teachers about digital opportunities, to promote close connection between doing and learning sports in presence and in distance, as well as improve physical and mental health and enhance well-being.

Several partners have joined forces in the project - the Board of Directors of Latvian Sports Educational Institutions (Latvia), St. Gabriel's School (Spain), the Turkish School Sports Federation (Turkey) and the football school club "Lituanica" (Lithuania).

On March 9 and 10, the project partners met in the "Reiņa trase" complex of Sigulda district to introduce the organization they represent to others, to discuss the progress of the project implementation, the tasks, roles and responsibilities of each involved party, as well as the events and activities to be organized. In Erasmus+ program projects, along with direct project work, it is also important to develop lifelong learning skills. On this occasion, promoting the partners' understanding of culture of Latvia and its manifestations, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to show off our country's values and traditions in winter, the partners went to try their hand at the ski track after work. Someone refreshed the skiing and snowboarding skills acquired several years ago, while someone tried to learn them for the first time under the guidance of a professional instructor. Sigulda's nature trails in one of the most beautiful natural pearls of Latvia - the Gauja National Park also were walked, and the city's most notable places got to known. The experience of transnational meetings shows that it is social activities that strengthen the team spirit among different nationalities and significantly help in future cooperation, achieving the goals and results of the project.

Thank you to all participants for the work done, the friendly atmosphere and see you soon in June in Spain!


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