RSE: Youth Exchange Targu Jiu, Romania 27.-31.03.2022

The trainers team was followed by youth athletes who took over the relay stick on March 27, on their way to Targu Jiu, Romania, to meet other youth athletes from Romania, France and Greece. This is the second mobility under the Erasmus+ Sports "Restart Sport Engine in EU" project. This mobility also was presented by athletes from several cities - Bauska, Talsi and Limbaži - Līga Irmane, Ilona Kupčiuna, Velibor Marinkovic, Inga Zaļupe and Dāvis Strazds. Although the athletes, just as the trainers, reached the finish line at four in the morning, this did not prevent them from successfully starting activities with Romanian, French and Greek youth athletes. One of the most interesting activities was a presentation of each country's sports through tools such as song, folklore, theater, which was drawn by a captain of each country's team. Latvians drew a folklore and, thanks to our folklore hero Sprīdītis (Tom Thumb), presented Latvian sports at a high level. What did Sprīdītis do? Sprīdītis walked the world in a search of happiness in the right sport - the basketball game available at home was too long and the field too big, BMX - legs too weak, rowing - hands. And so Sprīdītis walked all over the Fatherland in a search of the sport of happiness, but found it nowhere, because each sport had some minus. However, when Sprīdītis returned home, he learned that 3x3 basketball was included in the Olympic Games program. He decided that it was the right one - the field was smaller and the playing time was shorter. And Sprīdītis began training hard and won the ticket to Tokyo, where he became the Olympic champion! In addition to theoretical training and sports activities, athletes learned to dance Zumba, played bowling and learned martial arts.

But what do the athletes themselves say? Read it here!

Inga Zaļupe, Limbaži:
"The biggest benefit is friendship. It's something universal in the nature of people all over the world, regardless of language, religion or ethnic origin. It's a wonderful thing to realize that you have friends outside your country with whom you will have many thoughts and things to share, even if you don't meet each other every day. The project allowed to take a break and get away from the usual daily routine. These days were a huge source of inspiration for future plans and perhaps even a real turning point for the future career. New experience, new knowledge, new people and contacts, wider vision and understanding. THANK YOU!"

Līga Irmane, Bauska Regional Children and Youth Sports School:
"The biggest benefit of the mobility is the human person. New contacts, exchange of experiences both among ourselves and participants from Romania, France and Greece. No matter where you are from - sport unites and increases positive emotions. This was especially noticeable in this mobility. Thanks for these impressions!"

Ilona Kupčiuna, Bauska Regional Children and Youth Sports School:
"Erasmus + was definitely something new in my experience. The common goal in sport, sharing of experiences among representatives of four countries (Latvia 🇱🇻, Romania 🇹🇩, France 🇫🇷 and Greece 🇬🇷) and to meet new people. The project leaders had thought of the content of all three days thouroughly, during which we got to know each other, shared the sports life of our countries, and actively moved. The project has definitely brought positive emotions and good memories."

Dāvis Strazds, Limbaži Regional Sports School:
"In this kind of a project, I participated for the first time and enjoyed everything it gave to me - the opportunity to meet new people, travel and share experiences in the field of sports. Mobility was thought through of both: the practical and the diversity of the program. Thanks to the project manager for the opportunity."

Velibor Marinkovic, Talsu novada Sporta skola:
"The Erasmus+ project was cool and interesting. I am always happy to meet new people from other countries. I have learned a lot from this project. Thanks for everything!"

PHOTO from the event is HERE.


RSE: Trainers mobility Targu Jiu, Romania 27.-31.03.2022.

Participants of a Trainers mobility - Inese Dubulte from Limbaži Regional Sports School and Kalvis Rudzītis from Limbaži, Linda Līce from Kocēni Sports School and Aigars Belasovs from Valmiera Sports School started training and other mobility activities in the Romanian city of Targu Jiu on March 24.
The team of trainers presented Latvians and Latvia in a positive atmosphere. The mobility was varied and well-thought-out - in addition to theoretical and physical activities, the mobility participants also went to a basketball game and a hike in mountains to promote team building among all participants from four countries: Romania, Latvia, France and Greece. The success of the mobility can be measured also through feedback of the trainers:

Linda Līce, Kocēni Sports School:
"I think it is always useful to bring new winds into ones daily routine, in this case learning about new sports (such as the Harry Potter-inspired Quidditch in France), learning new activities to work with young people, and to find out about the situation in other countries in sports and training. Together with coaches from France, Romania and Greece, we concluded that sport needs to become a more important part of society and that society needs to be better educated about its versatility and its positive health benefits (both physical and mental) and that we learn from sport many valuable things, such as passion, perseverance, patience, communication, discipline, etc.”

Kalvis Rudzītis, Limbaži:
"I am participating in this type of project for the first time, but I can say that everything was done on 100% - both from us and the organizers. Very interesting and valuable workshops, new contacts and friendships, and exchange of experience, which is the most important thing.”

Aigars Belasovs, Valmiera Sports School:
"New experience outside the daily routine, pleasant company, new friends. Until now, I really had no idea about the possibilities of Erasmus+ projects, I knew that there were such projects and that was it. Now I will know where to start and where to turn. The organizers had tried to keep all the days full, there were trainings, a hike, a city tour, a visit to a basketball game. I would like to participate in similar projects if I had an opportunity."

Inese Dubulte, Limbaž Regional Sports School:
"It was a pleasure to meet new people, share their experiences and experiences from them. We really learned about a new sport - Quidditch. The main conclusion is that there are problems with young people's physical activity everywhere in the digital age. We have made not only new friends in France, Romania and Greece, but also in Latvia. We had the best team, we were all united.”

PHOTO from the mobility HERE.


SWOST: US women national football team Mar 2022

California Federal Judge Gary Klausner ruled in favor of the U.S. Football Federation on Friday over ongoing pay discrimination lawsuits brought by the U.S. Women National Football Association.

The US women national football team's claim last year was based on two points. First, that the U.S. Football Federation violated the Equal Pay Act by paying women footballers less than men's national players. Secondly, that they were discriminated against by the federation under Title VII of the Civil Law Act 1964, in particular as regards working conditions.

Judge Gary Klausner said in a ruling that women footballers "have not proven that US national team women players are paid less than male national team players".

The US women's soccer team is the most titled team in the world, having won the World Cup four times.

Several U.S. women's soccer team players have promised to continue fighting for equality on social media.

RSE: Basketball Goes On! 28.02.2022

On February 8, with the Erasmus+Sport project "Restart Sport Engine in EU" a friendship basketball game took place at Limbaži Secondary School, in which young people aged 14-15 took part, proving that despite the constant restrictions, including in sports, basketball is alive! The boys not only played the friendship match, but also took part in a three-point shots competition, in which Mariss Ronaldo Vilumsons won. It is great that with the help of various Erasmus + Sports projects, you can maintain a sporting spirit in young people and do something out of the ordinary.

See the event HERE.