Transnational Meeting No3

IMG 2898The project team has held the third transnational meeting (TM3) in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 9th - 11th January, 2019. The work with the project team was effective as the first drafts of the dissemination plan were discussed. Partners also shared their reports on activities done as well as finances. And thanks to all partners and brainstorming together, the project team put the first frame of the final conference and its lecturers, officials and other participants. The project coordinator organisation thanks all partners and their devotion that made the TM3 of the project ICY so fruitful.

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ERASMUS+ Project Sport ICY Seminars in Audentes Sport Gymnasium

The first seminar "How to use and and avoid misuse of brain's capacity in sports and outside" was aimed at developing Audentes sport gymnasium student athletes’ knowledge on how the brain works, what are the factors influencing it’s optimal functioning and how to use the brain for optimal development. In addition, the seminar covered the influence of digital world and especially smart phone usage, on the brain and overall everyday functioning. The topics were introduced by two experts in psychology- one of them working daily with children and youngsters as a psychologist and the other doing research in psychology with a specific focus on learning and brain.

During the seminar, the student athletes were involved in discussions and self-analysis exercises to become more aware of their own bheavioral patterns and link the new knowledge to their everyday situations in sports and outside. The topics more specifically addressed attentional capacity and how to direct it more efficiently on the task at hand, the benefit of getting out of one’s comfort zone and developing growth-oriented mindset. Regarding the smart phone usage, the youngsters learned about the negative consequences of excessive usage of smart phones and how to use dr Siegel’s 7 everyday activitites that support health, mental wellbeing and brain development. 

The second seminar  “The Triangle of a Healthy Lifestyle: Development, Wellbeing and Quality Relationships" involved a full day with International sport psychology experts from ENYSSP (European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology). During the sport psychology day, the student athletes were involved in workshops that were aimed at either team sport or individual sport athletes.

The workshop for team sports was focused on developing a mindset that would be useful for reaching elite level in sports, while keeping healthy development and wellbeing in mind. The sport psychologists also addressed some communicational and team work aspects through a practical game. In the other workshop for individual sports, three sport pscyhology experts conducted discussions and practical self-analysis exercises on how to support wellbeing, facilitate optimal performance and sustain healthy relationships.

After the workshops, the student athletes were all invited to participate in a knowledge café. During that session, student athletes could choose between 5 different topics to discuss with the experts: focus, setbacks and challenges, motivation, emotions and self-confidence. The youngsters got to share their own experiences, ask questions and learn from each others’ as well as the sport psychologists’ experiences.

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LSIIDP Workout, September 2018

On a warm autumn day LSIIDP carried out a workout on a topic: "Best Practices and Best Examples by Known People in the Field of Sports". The workout was organised for sports specialists and coaches. Among the invited speakers were not only famous athletes, but also politicians, because it was elections' period in Latvia at the time, and representatives from the most influential eight political parties were expressing their views on the youth sports in the country. It was important for the youth sports representatives - sports school and sports club employees, to hear the promises of the politicians, keep them in mind and later use in practice. Among the eight politicians there were one of the best youth basketball coaches of Latvia Varis Krūmiņš, who has trained the national boys' team of Latvia and led them through U-16 European championship, a basketball athlete and a famous musician now (after a trauma he had to leave the basketball career) Andris Kivics, and a famous ex-motorist Artis Rasmanis.

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LSIIDP Workout, December 2018

On the 4th - 5th December, 2018 LSIIDP carried out another workout on a topic: "The Triangle of a Healthy Lifestyle - Balanced food, Physical Activities and Stress-less Life." The target group of the seminar was sports specialists, coaches and familty members.
There are many different things that you can do to live a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy, being physically active, maintaining a healthy weigh, and managing your stress. However, a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise, it also about taking care of the “whole you” – your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. And, that means taking care of you from the inside out.
Though the issues of the triangle were emphasized as the main of the seminar topic, they covered more sub-issues (as mentioned above) that form a healthy life-style: regular physical activities, the key word of which is regular, stress reduction, including qualitative sleep and deep breathes on purpose, healthy food, including drinking lots of water, mentioning only a few.

Everyday Life Canoe August, 2018

IMG 2056 The nice summer has almost come to an end and this is what we have managed with the youngest athletes within the project ICY (590413). Together with eldest and experienced athletes the young ones have got the opportunity to try catching them up during the whole summer. As Limbazi canoe base is considered the best base in Latvia and the only one with a status of "National", we are glad to have athletes of the National Team holding their practices here as well. Within the August the young athletes had also an opportunity to practice in "the same waters" together with an Olympian Aleksejs Rumjancevs and a kayak quarter preparing for the World Championship which will be held during 23rd - 26th august, 2018.
The young athletes started their summer activities at the end of June with a two-week summer camp and continued by everyday sports activities in canoe. Another two-week sports camp was held at the end of July, and the summer was ended up by everyday practices in canoe till the 31st August. And starting from September 1st till May 31st, during the school year, the mew trainees shall be provided the transport service to and from sports base on definite workdays after the secondary schools' lessons, Out-of-swimming/paddling season’s time the young trainees shall be educated and taught physical exercises in a gymnastic hall, running, skiing and skating (if possible).

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