Sports Event for Children 2019

On the 23rd and 24th May school children were invited to participate in a sports event just as in the last year. The first day covered pupils from surrounding schools of Limbazi region. The second day covered pupils of Limbazi schools. The two of the following days were completely the opposite in the weather. Children were introduced to Limbazi and Salacgriva Regional Sports School and the possibilities in it in the stadium and the kayak/canoe sports base. This was a repeated activity to draw more new students to the Sports School and to strengthen the stated activities. The purpose of the activity ws to turn more young children to the Sports School’s Canoe and Kayak Department before summer holidays as the most intensive and interesting practices in this department are done in summer – paddling in kayaks in the lake as well as other exercises outside the water to popularize a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Event is memorized here