LSIIDP Workshop, September 2018

On a warm autumn day LSIIDP carried out a workout on a topic: "Best Practices and Best Examples by Known People in the Field of Sports". The workout was organised for sports specialists and coaches. Among the invited speakers were not only famous athletes, but also politicians, because it was elections' period in Latvia at the time, and representatives from the most influential eight political parties were expressing their views on the youth sports in the country. It was important for the youth sports representatives - sports school and sports club employees, to hear the promises of the politicians, keep them in mind and later use in practice. Among the eight politicians there were one of the best youth basketball coaches of Latvia Varis Krūmiņš, who has trained the national boys' team of Latvia and led them through U-16 European championship, a basketball athlete and a famous musician now (after a trauma he had to leave the basketball career) Andris Kivics, and a famous ex-motorist Artis Rasmanis.

Please find the moments of the event here