LSIIDP Workshop, June 2019

As if celebration of the end of the school year, LSIIDP held a seminar on a topic: "Effective Communication among Children, Youth, Parents and Coaches". The lector of this seminar was the communication guru Valdis Melderis - a famous TV moderator, radio moderator, an actor and event organizer and manager. Valdis Melderis was chosen as a lector for this theme on purpose, because he is also a previous athlete of sprint canoe, which, as we know, is the sports of the project ICY. Therefore Valdis covered not only the communication aspect among the previously mentioned stakeholders, but also touched on the specific features of sprint canoe. The theme covered both - theoretical practical issues. Valdis Melderis drove a masterclass in an effective communication skills, which was equally valuable for sports specialists, coaches and family members, who were the target group of this seminar. 

Please find the event memorized here