Third Seminar of Audentes Sports Gymnasium

Seminar with experienced professionals from Denmark was held in Audentese Sports Gymnasium focusing on building effective relationships and communication. Louise Kamuk Strom, experienced researcher and a practitioner in coaches development programs, shared knowledge about the importance of effective communication and coach-athlete relationships. One of the focus points of her presentation was on coaches impactful role in supporting their athletes growth as athletes and people via building effective relationships. Coaches learned about increasing their self-awareness in communication and new practical ways to build supportive relationships with their athletes.

Carsten Hvid Larsen, an experienced sport psychologist in Team Denmark, introduced one of the main building blocks of an effective coach-athlete relationship-a sound and well thought-through coaching philosophy. During the presentation, the participants got a thorough insight into the importance of coaching philosophy in their everyday practice. They learned practical steps on how to develop their own philosophy and show that in their everyday communication and behaviors with their athletes. Additionally, the coaches learned practical skills on managing their own stress levels that is necessary for communicating their professional values.

Although the seminar was held in English, the participants gave good feedback during the break about the presenters and the content. One of the participants expressed thanks for the opportunity to learn something new again and complimented on the easily understandable language. The participants were actively asking questions and eager to recieve practical tips for their everyday work.

Therefore, we were really thankful to our guests for creating this opportunity for our coaches to obtain new knowledge that could be useful in their everyday work.

Please find the seminar description in Estonian HERE