WoW Europe 2nd Activity on Skis 23.02.2021.

Latvia this year is rich with snow and due to the pandemic situation people are doing various outdoor activities and so did we with the children of grades 1 and 2 on February 23. The second activity of the project WoW Europe was done on skis. This was a historical moment for except for two, the rest sixteen children did it for the first time. Nevertheless, you may see yourself that the children standing on skis for the first time ever, could even participate in a slight relay. Although the day was very cold 10 degrees below Celsius, thanks to the bright sun and the effort the new-beginners of skiing had to put in the activity, nobody felt cold. It was rather the opposite. 

The activity was led by the sports teacher Agris Ķirsis and an athlete, participant of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Kristaps Zalupe, who introduced himself to the children, told his view of the benefits of doing sports and physical activities, which he does even up to this day, and invited them to keep doing their physical activities on a daily basis. But, what is the most important in anything a person does - is to do it from the heart.

After the introduction both leaders of the activity - the sports teacher Agris Ķirsis and Kristaps Zalupe, showed exercises to help them keep the balance and do skiing (with fewer falls). What was the activity like? You may see it yourself in the video of the day HERE.