RSE: Remote Running Competition 12.-30.04.2021

LSIIDP in cooperation with the Olympic Center "Limbaži" within the project RSE: Restart Sport Engine in EU organizes remote running competition from April 12 to April 30 this year, when everyone can run the distance at his or her convenience, under the program Strava in the relevant segment HERE.

Additionally, children and youth from Limbaži and Salacgrīva Regional School of Sport have an opportunity to participate in the competition in another category by collecting the run kilometers under the program Strava in any place in the same period of time.

The project aims to develop sporting skills of at least 800 people in 5 European countries in a 12-months period and to restart the sport engine through physical activity and return to at the least pre-pandemic level. In order to promote the project and boost up the dissemination of the results, we have attracted the project ambassador - Olympian, kayaker Kristaps Zalupe, who will not only join the runners in the distance, but also in the awards ceremony.

The activity is disseminated through LSIIDP homepage, LSIIDP Facebook profile, Olympic Centre homepage, Olympic Centre Limbazi Facebook profile and project ambassador's Facebook profile.