WoW Europe 4th Activity 13.05.2021.

On the 13th May LSIIDP held the 4th activity of "Today I'm Your Teacher of Sport" of the WOW Europe project. Finally, LSIIDP was able to held the planned activity due to the summer weather conditions for the 4th activity was planned on volleyball elements. Since the third activity was so successful in re-uniting a basketball team that because of the restriction period, limited physical activity practices and cancelled competitions, almost fell apart, LSIIDP team decided to help another group - two volleyball groups of 14 - 15 year old girls from Limbazi State Gymnasium and Limbazi Secondary School, that faced similar obstacles as the boys' basketball team.
A famous athlete - an Olympian, kayaker Kristaps Zalupe, held a practice with two volleyball groups regularly trained by two sport teachers Inta Mežgaile and Ineta Sprancmane. The practice gave a fresh attitude towards the regular training process starting with a speech of the Olympian, who said: "Your input and effort in physical activity is significant. Your attitude matters. Let us hope it is all gonna be ok soon, and we will have sport events and normal practices again. You only need to be a little patient. Do go on and help your teachers to go through this as well."
The activity is memorized in a video HERE. And how much fun we had, you can also hear on the recording. We had much laughter, much fun, much sun, and LSIIDP team believed this is a beginning of a new era of the physical activity life of these girls and their teachers.
Thanks to the WOW Europe project, we have proved to ourselves, to the other 9 project participant countries and to the EU Member States, that if you want, you can!