SWOST: Women's interest in Olympics is growing 05.08.2021.

Hong Kong: A survey released Wednesday shows that women are becoming more interested in the Olympics and will start in the Japanese capital at the end of next week, so about as many women as men are enthusiastic about sports festivals. ..

Data analysis firm Nielsen Sports said that 45% of women in the world’s largest economy are interested in the Games, which will be held from July 23 to August 8 this year.

This figure is only 3 points less than the number of men who were interested in an event that was postponed for a year due to a pandemic when the survey was conducted in May.

Lindsey Douglas, head of the Nielsen Sports brand, said: “While this year’s Tokyo Olympics differ in many ways from previous Olympics, the potential for increasing gender equality in sports remains important.

“Men and women have about the same chances of winning medals, and the Olympics provide the most gender-balanced fan base of any major event.”

According to a Nielsen survey, the Olympic Games are the most popular sporting event in the world, with 47% of respondents in 13 of the 15 wealthiest countries interested in or very interested in the Summer Olympic Games. I have.

That number far exceeds the NBA, the next most popular non-Olympic event. In the NBA, 33% of people are interested. However, only 17% of women are interested in the US Basketball League.

At the Tokyo Olympics, more medals will be awarded to women as the International Olympic Committee () Edge close to gender equality.

Women’s events account for 156 and 494 gold medals available in Tokyo, and men’s events account for 165 gold medals out of a total of 530 gold medals.

The IOC has also introduced an additional mixed event that allows more women to win medals.

Women’s interest in the Olympics is growing, the research report says.