WoW Europe Conference 02.07.2021.

How we help children get through the Covid 19 pandemic and how important it is to do sports every day - this is a topic on the agenda in the civilized world. Representatives of 10 countries participating in the "WoW EUROPE" Project (Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and the Republic of Northern Macedonia) shared their observations and national experiences in the "Health through Sport"workshop an event that took place on Friday, July 2, 2021, from 9:00 o'clock, at the K1 Amphitheater Hall in the UMT Conference Center in Timisoara.

The main topics of discussion were "Physical and motor development in children in digital times", "The impact of the Covid19 pandemic, by reducing physical activity and sports, on the physical condition of children". Romania presented a sensitive subject, through the University Lecturer Doctor Mihaela Varga from the Politehnica University Timisoara: "Obesity, nutrition, physical activity and sports in today's children".

"Through this workshop, we aim to help raise awareness of the benefits and role of both sport and physical activity for children's health and to improve the exchange of good practice between athletes, federations, clubs and institutions in the field of sport and education for children to promote sport among children from the countries of the participating organizations ", says Beatrice Mercado, president of the Junior Sport Association, the initiator of the event.

For all those present, the discussions benefited with a simultaneous Romanian-English translation and were broadcast live on the "WoW EUROPE" Project Facebook page.

Together with the Junior Sport Association, six of the international organizations participating in the project had representatives on the spot. So, in Timisoara, there were personalities from LSIIDP - Board of Directors of Sports Educational Institutions in Latvia (Latvia), VšI Sportuokime kartu (Lithuania), ADCS Carvalhais - Associação Desportiva Cultural e Social de Carvalhais (Portugal), Physical Activity Promotion Agency (Slovenia) ), Club Pitch & Putt Barcelona Teià (Spain) and Turkish Sport for all Federation (Turkey).

Details about the 10 international organizations participating in the "WoW EUROPE" Project, here:

The following personalities were present for this event and made statements on behalf of Romania: Beatrice Mercado - President of the Junior Sport Association; Marius Dumitru and Alina David - Managers of the “WoW EUROPE” Project; Ruxandra Adam - reprezentant of the Timis County Council; Marin Popescu - General Inspector at the Timis County School Inspectorate; Prof. Dr. Ing. Liviu Marsavina - Pro-rector of the Politechnica University of Timisoara; Adrian Tal - Executive Director of the Politehnica University Timisoara Sports Club, Loredana Ianculovici - Director of the Timis County Directorate for Sports and Youth.

The event was also attended Constantin Osain - School Inspector specializing in sports, but also many physical education and sports teachers, parents of athletes children, nutritionists, media representatives, athletes, coaches, club presidents - most of them being ambassadors of the "WoW EUROPE" Project, were present at the event.

The event is memorized HERE.