SWOST: Runner Vaičule: Runner Vaičule: It's a bit strange to include low-represented sports in the Olympics

At the Olympic Games, the number of athletes of both sexes is becoming more and more balanced and it is difficult to imagine even greater equality, the athlete Gunta Vaičule admitted to the "Television Studio" of the Television of Latvia. She is also a spokeswoman for the European Olympic Committee Athletes' Committee, but the runner believes that not all sports are equally suitable for all women and that their popularity leads to unequal competition at the Olympics.

In the world, there is much more talk about women's equality in sports than in Latvia, and in some sports the issue is very topical, Vaičule said. For example, about the availability of football for girls as much as for boys.

Vaičule welcomes the desire of women to engage in sports that have not gained much popularity among their gender. However, it is not so fair for women athletes of other sports to include low-represented sports in the Olympics just to have women represented, said the athlete who was running for the Tokyo Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is working to completely balance the weight class and number of participants for men and women, which increases the competition for men to enter the Olympics. Wrestler Anastasia Grigorjeva regrets that the Olympic quotas for boys in sports are running low, but she admitted to the Television of Latvia that the athletes will adapt to the new situation.

Vaičule, as a representative of athletes, has felt strange in meetings at the Olympic Committee of Latvia, although she could not complain about the attitude. While in a room with 97% of men who are two or even three times older, it was fearful for Vaičule to open her mouths, admitted the runner.

"You are only oppressed by the fact that you are in such a minority. Not because no one wants to listen to you or your arguments are stupid. The room is like that and the atmosphere is like that," the athlete explained.

Vaičule wishes to women athletes good coaches who would not be able to find the right approach through training, upbringing and motivation. Femininity in sports is declining, because the spirit and strength of the competition draws on the masculine, however, the true nature of a woman also provides an opportunity to achieve high results in sports, Vaičule reminded. She returns to the sport after giving birth to a girl.