The youngest basketball players restart the sports engine with relays

9D3DF4EA 3546 42B8 A92C 7C29047CFDD1On April 21, the gymnasium of Limbaži Secondary School had an exciting atmosphere. Here, basketball players aged 10-11 proved their athletic ability by participating in basketball relays organized by coaches Kristaps Zaļupe and Jānis Skuja within the framework of the Erasmus + program project “Restart Sport Engine in EU”.

Before the start of the activities, K.Zaļupe gave the young contestants both special project T- shirts and bracelets. This encouraged and strengthened the boys' determination to start as well as possible. And then the coaches' whistles sounded and the relay could begin. Drifting between cones, accuracy in free throws, shouts of joy for every ball thrown into the basket, team spirit and coach's encouragement proved that the young basketball players devote 100% to their sport and strong motivation is the merit of coaches.

The Restart Sport Engine project aims to improve people's skills in the five project countries - Latvia, Romania, France, Spain and Greece - through various sports activities, to improve the skills of coaches, sports teachers and sports volunteers to use innovative sports tool, and to resume sports movement in Europe after the Covid19 pandemic. These relays met the goals set in the project and proved that young athletes are more than ready to play sports again with great dedication and determination, while coaches - to motivate, encourage and find ways to put young athletes' excitement and abilities to the right level developing a strong, motivated and knowledgeable young generation.

In the end, all the participants were satisfied with the great sports matches they had played. The taste of sporty victories was made even sweeter by the prepared snacks.