An open access BMX training course has been developed

BMX IO3 mThe Erasmus+ program project "Training to Win" has developed an open access BMX training course, which is available on the platform for everyone involved in this sport - coaches, riders, competition organizers and other interested parties. To access the full version of the course, you need to register and create your account by following this link . It has been translated into 5 languages, including Latvian. The training course includes several sections. The first of them is devoted to theoretical general competences in sports, including psychology, pedagogical methods, etc. The second section includes specific BMX content on physical fitness, rules of the sport, technique, tactics, psychological aspects. The third section is dedicated to developing practical skills with video and photo materials.

Latvian BMX professionals - BMX rider and coach of the Children's and Youth Sports School of Smiltene, Renārs Auga and BMX coach of the Valmiera Sports School, Olafs Lakučs, have invested thorough and serious work in preparing the training course, developing such course topics as "Improving starting technique", "BMX competitions ", "BMX season planning", while LSIIDP project manager Sandija Zaļupe created the training methodology.

In Latvia, there is professional training for BMX athletes, while many places in Europe do not have such a training system. Athletes learn from each other or former riders. In order to create a professional and safe BMX environment throughout Europe, through such a training course there is an opportunity to educate coaches who would in turn be able to train BMX athletes at a high level, to create an understanding of a safe training and competition environment, as well as to take advantage of all the benefits that this form of sport can provide .

The aim of the project is to promote education in sports, paying special attention to the development of skills necessary in the sport of BMX and the training of coaches in order to improve the sports career and the safety of young athletes.

The project is implemented by partners: CLUB BMX School - Zaragoza (Spain), Universidad San Jorge (Spain), Latvijas Sporta izglītības iestāžu Direktoru padome (Latvia), UVP - Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo (Portugal), CEIPES (Italy), SZC - Slovensky Zvaz Cyklistiky Cyklistiky (Slovaky), Malta Street Sports Association (Malta).

More about the open BMX training course:

The "Training to Win" project is co-financed by the European Union.