SWOST: Transnational multiplier event, “Creating the EU network of sport clubs, federations and associations to promote gender awareness in sport”

Join us at the swost.eu Project Final Conference in Ogre, Latvia
Discover groundbreaking strategies for promoting gender equality in sport organisations at the swost.eu Project Final Conference. Don't miss this opportunity to network, learn, and drive positive change!

Be part of the Skillman International Forum 2023 in Ogre
The swost.eu Project Final Conference is part of the prestigious Skillman International Forum. Join us in Riga to exchange ideas, explore innovative practices, and contribute to the future of sports.

Promoting Gender Equality in Sports: The swost.eu Initiative
At the swost.eu Project Final Conference, we aim to challenge gender stereotypes in sports organisations. Learn about our self-assessment tool and quality label, empowering organisations to create inclusive environments.

Inspiring Change: Test the Results Achieved by swost.eu
Be inspired by the remarkable results achieved by the swost.eu project. Test our self-assessment tool and experience firsthand how it can drive positive change and promote gender equality in sports.

Engage with Stakeholders and Experts in the Field
Connect with sport associations, local clubs, policymakers, and young leaders at the swost.eu Project Final Conference. Engage in meaningful discussions, share best practices, and create new collaborations to advance the cause of gender equality in sports.

Empowering Young People through Sports
The swost.eu Project Final Conference is dedicated to empowering young people through sports. Join us to explore how sports can break down gender stereotypes, foster inclusivity, and create opportunities for personal growth and development.

Driving Change Together: Be a Catalyst for Gender Equality
Together, we can be catalysts for change in the sports industry. Join us at the swost.eu Project Final Conference to share your insights, ideas, and experiences. Let's create a more inclusive and equitable future for all athletes.

Connecting Education and Sports for Gender Equality
Discover the powerful intersection of education and sports at the swost.eu Project Final Conference. Learn how schools, universities, and educational institutions can play a pivotal role in promoting gender equality in sports.

Celebrating Success: The swost.eu Quality Label
Celebrate the achievements of organisations that have received the swost.eu Quality Label for their commitment to gender equality. Gain insights from their experiences and learn how you can implement best practices in your own organisation.

Register Today and Make a Difference
Secure your spot at the swost.eu Project Final Conference and become part of the movement for gender equality in sports. Register now to join us in Riga and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse sporting landscape. #swost.euConference #GenderEquality