SWOST: Project Final Conference: Promoting Gender Equality in Sport Organizations

Join us for the swost.eu (Sport Without Stereotypes) Project's Final Conference, held alongside the prestigious Skillman International Forum 2023 (SIF) in Ogre, Latvia, on September 26-27, 2023. This conference, organised by the Ministry of Education and Science, showcases the achievements of swost.eu, a groundbreaking Erasmus+ Sport project aimed at challenging gender stereotypes in sport organisations.

Discover the practices and quality self-assessment tool developed during the project's implementation. Connect with sport associations, stakeholders, and those interested in joining the affiliation program. This event provides a unique opportunity to test and learn from the results achieved by swost.eu.

The conference, led by the UEFA Foundation for Children, unites project partners, external stakeholders, public authorities, local sport clubs, associations, federations, young people, and the wider public. Through its extensive network, the UEFA Foundation for Children will select local participants from clubs, sport federations, and public authorities.

Engage in two sections of the conference: one for swost.eu tool recipients and another for young people and project beneficiaries. The gathering welcomes 40 European partners and 140 local representatives. Alongside UEFA's involvement with grassroots sport associations and youth beneficiaries, several EU and non-EU partners active in sports, research, and NGOs have shown interest in the project.

Conference Objectives:
- Share project results and raise visibility at the EU level.
- Establish a network of decision-makers and stakeholders.
- Present intellectual outputs.
- Foster collaboration among participants.
- Engage youth organisations, education providers, sport organisations, and policymakers in informative debates.
- Share project outcomes.
- Reflect on the development and utilisation of intellectual outputs.
- Involve young project beneficiaries.

This interactive conference facilitates collaborative dialogue, knowledge sharing, and idea generation, fostering a vibrant network of conversation and action. Gain insights into the project, discuss new strategies and curricula in training and education, and contribute to shaping the future utilisation of project outcomes.

Participants from various target groups are welcome, including youth workers, representatives from youth associations, sport workers, coaches, learners in formal sport education, federations, Olympic committees, sport journalists, educators, and local, national, and European authorities involved in youth and sports.

Media Coverage:
All conference content will be published on the official website, with video recordings of key contributions.

Join us as we work together to promote gender equality and inclusivity in sport organisations.