Publication of the "Training to Win" Project - in the Pages of the Magazine of the Olympic Committee of France

FOK zurnalsThe "Training to Win" project has left a lasting mark on the international sports arena - the publication on the development of BMX sports in Latvia, created by Sandija Zalupe, project managers of the Board of Directors of Sports Educational Institutions of Latvia (LSIIDP) and "Training to Win" project coordinator Celia Marcen from the Spanish BMX school "Zaragosa",  has been published in the Journal of the Olypmic Committee of France. LSIIDP, together with five other European organizations related to the field of sports and, specifically, cycling, has implemented the Erasmus+ Sports program project "Training to Win". Its purpose is to promote education in sports, paying special attention to the development of skills necessary in the sport of BMX and the training of coaches, in order to improve the sports career and the safety of young athletes. The project has developed an open-access training course for BMX coaches, riders, organizers, all interested parties involved in this sport in Latvia and throughout Europe. After a period of two and a half years, the project is now at the finish line.

The publication was prepared to continue the idea of the "Training to Win" project and at the request of Gilles Lecocq, vice-president of the French Pierre de Coubertin Committee, and published in the first edition of the 2023 annual magazine of the French Pierre de Coubertin Committee. The Pierre de Coubertin Committee of France, founded in 1950 under the name of the National Association for the Protection and Development of Sports, Physical Activities and Outdoors, is one of the French sports ethics committees. The journal of this committee is published twice a year. The vice-president of the committee, who is also a partner of LSIIDP in other Erasmus+ projects, translated the articles into French for publication.
The "Training to Win" project is co-funded by the European Union.
Information about the project can be found on the LSIIDP website here