Nat_flow: Second transnational project partners meeting 07.-08.12.2023.

The Erasmus+ Sport project "Natural Flow" is coming to an end. The very last activity of the project is the transnational partners' meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, at the end of December 7-8, 2023. Very soon we will share the Handbook developed within the project lifecycle, which has already been produced in the common project language - English, and is currently being intensively translated by the partners into their national languages - Spanish, Serbian and Latvian. The Handbook will be available on all project partners' websites in their national languages and in English.
During the meeting, conclusions were drawn on project management, financial monitoring, progress, achievements, and challenges. We are very grateful to the project's main researcher Celia Marcen from the University of Zaragoza, Spain, who was the main driving force behind the production of the Handbook at an academically high level.