Third Seminar of Audentes Sports Gymnasium

Seminar with experienced professionals from Denmark was held in Audentese Sports Gymnasium focusing on building effective relationships and communication. Louise Kamuk Strom, experienced researcher and a practitioner in coaches development programs, shared knowledge about the importance of effective communication and coach-athlete relationships. One of the focus points of her presentation was on coaches impactful role in supporting their athletes growth as athletes and people via building effective relationships. Coaches learned about increasing their self-awareness in communication and new practical ways to build supportive relationships with their athletes.

Carsten Hvid Larsen, an experienced sport psychologist in Team Denmark, introduced one of the main building blocks of an effective coach-athlete relationship-a sound and well thought-through coaching philosophy. During the presentation, the participants got a thorough insight into the importance of coaching philosophy in their everyday practice. They learned practical steps on how to develop their own philosophy and show that in their everyday communication and behaviors with their athletes. Additionally, the coaches learned practical skills on managing their own stress levels that is necessary for communicating their professional values.

Although the seminar was held in English, the participants gave good feedback during the break about the presenters and the content. One of the participants expressed thanks for the opportunity to learn something new again and complimented on the easily understandable language. The participants were actively asking questions and eager to recieve practical tips for their everyday work.

Therefore, we were really thankful to our guests for creating this opportunity for our coaches to obtain new knowledge that could be useful in their everyday work.

Please find the seminar description in Estonian HERE


Transnational Meeting No4, project ICY

During 31st July - 1st August, 2019 the project team of ICY held the 4th transnational meeting in Trakai (Lithuania). The main issues of the meeting were reports on activities carried out, documentation, finances of all participants, as well as finalization of the Dissemination programme of the Lithuanian Canoe Federation and the Dissemination programme of the Audentes Sports Centre. Another important issue was preparing for the final international conference with a panel discussion of the project on: "Health of Children and Youth. Sports Development and Problems in the Baltic Countries" that is planned to be held on the 8th - 9th October, 2019. List of speakers in the conference was updated and finalized. The team also prepared invitations for each speaker on the conference pointing responsible persons of each participating countries to organize the spreading of the invitations.
The team also visited the Rowing Base of the Lithuanian Olympic Sport Centre in Trakai. As Limbazi canoe sports base is considered the best in Latvia, the Trakai Rowing base is considered the best in Lithuania. The Latvian team was able to see the base, find the similarities and differences between the both and take over the best pract6icies of the neighbours.
The transnational meeting was fruitful and valuable not only for the future work, but also for the final activities to be carried out by the project.

LSIIDP Workshop, June 2019

As if celebration of the end of the school year, LSIIDP held a seminar on a topic: "Effective Communication among Children, Youth, Parents and Coaches". The lector of this seminar was the communication guru Valdis Melderis - a famous TV moderator, radio moderator, an actor and event organizer and manager. Valdis Melderis was chosen as a lector for this theme on purpose, because he is also a previous athlete of sprint canoe, which, as we know, is the sports of the project ICY. Therefore Valdis covered not only the communication aspect among the previously mentioned stakeholders, but also touched on the specific features of sprint canoe. The theme covered both - theoretical practical issues. Valdis Melderis drove a masterclass in an effective communication skills, which was equally valuable for sports specialists, coaches and family members, who were the target group of this seminar. 

Please find the event memorized here

Third Seminar Lithuanian Canoe Federation

Ther in July 20, 2019 there was a seminar for coaches and athletes funded by the Erasmus + program in Trakai. It was the third workshop of this programe. The 2 lecturers gave lectures. The first one was an employee of the Lithuanian Anti-Doping Agency Rima Valentiene. The second lecture was of a sport psychologist S. Klizas, one of the best specialists in sport psychology with a lecture „How to squeeze the maximum out of yourself with the help of sports psychology.“
The lectures were attended by 64 listeners: athletes and coaches of Lithuanian U16, U18, U23 national teams, local clubs coaches.

Please find the description of the seminar also in the Facebook profile of the Lithuanian Canoe Federation HERE

Sports Event for Children 2019

On the 23rd and 24th May school children were invited to participate in a sports event just as in the last year. The first day covered pupils from surrounding schools of Limbazi region. The second day covered pupils of Limbazi schools. The two of the following days were completely the opposite in the weather. Children were introduced to Limbazi and Salacgriva Regional Sports School and the possibilities in it in the stadium and the kayak/canoe sports base. This was a repeated activity to draw more new students to the Sports School and to strengthen the stated activities. The purpose of the activity ws to turn more young children to the Sports School’s Canoe and Kayak Department before summer holidays as the most intensive and interesting practices in this department are done in summer – paddling in kayaks in the lake as well as other exercises outside the water to popularize a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Event is memorized here