SWOST: Local Meeting to Promote Project SWOST

On August 17, project "sport without Stereotypes" (SWOST) idea and the final intellectual output that is being produced within this project was promoted in a local meeting of the Latvian partner LSIIDP for more than one hundred participants and other speakers of the most influential sport organizations of the country:
  • Ministry of Education and Science: Director of the Sports department Edgars Severs, Deputy Director of the Sports Department Anda Mičule.
  • Sports Federations Council of Latvia: president Einārs Fogelis.
  • Olympic Committee of Latvia: president Žoržs Tikmers.
Participants of the meeting were representatives of different sport NGOs - sport clubs, sport schools, federations.

The group of trainers of the "Training to Win" project is meeting

BMX treneru san 09.08A hot summer is not an obstacle to serious work - this was confirmed by the working group of trainers of the Erasmus+ Sport project "Training to Win" implemented by LSIIDP, which met online on August 9. Within the framework of the project, a training course for BMX trainers is being developed, which will be an open educational resource, therefore available to all those interested in this sport in Latvia and throughout Europe. The training program will be like a manual for coaches, including topics on general theoretical competences in sports, specific content necessary for BMX sports on physical preparation, rules, technique, tactics, psychological aspects, as well as practical training in photo and video format. The task of the coaches involved in the project is to develop the specific section dedicated to BMX sport.

SWOST: interview with a horse rider Agnese Bērziņa

Interview with a horse rider Agnese Bērziņa. Participants of the interview:

Agnese Bērziņa – the horse rider and the first coach of her daughter

Melānija Kārklīte – the horse rider

Zingo the Beautiful – a senior horse of 21 year of age

Kantoss – a junior horse of 5 years of age

Agnese Bērziņa is riding a horse for 10 years now and having started as an amateur grew to horse riding competitions and later became the first coach of her daughter Melānija – for 5 years, who almost grew up in a stable from age 4. When Melānija obtained the basic elements of horse riding and grew up to jumping hurdles, she moved to a professional coach and is still practicing under one of the best equestrian coaches of Latvia. Melānija is still riding the senior horse Zingo and jumping hurdles up to 80cm even though Zingo for the past years has arthritis and can carry only a very light weight.

Horse riding or equestrian sports is a unique sports and the only Olympic sports where men and women compete together on equal rules. Being asked if it is really equal for both genders to compete on equal basis, Agnese mentioned that a very good example is the World Cup (Riga stage), where only two women had qualified to the final among the rest of the men. This shows that there are differences in bodybuilding of men and women and even though it is important to make a team with the horse and have a good contact, strength which by nature men have more, is also a crucial factor in competing and winning. And cutting a long story short and summing all up, Agnese added that it does not seem on equal basis for both genders.

VIDEO of the full interview watch HERE.

SWOST tool promoted in other gender equality events August 10, 2022

On August 10 a SWOST team member Kaspars Sakniņš - an LSIIDP board member and the president of the Biathlon Federation of Latvia, presented the SWOST tool in another international gender equality event organized by the Biathlon Federation of Latvia thus promoting the project tool and the results.

BMX: "Training to Win" ambassador among the world's fastest BMX riders

PHOTO 2022 07 26 19 11 40The Training to Win project team has the world's 7th fastest BMX rider! Our ambassador Renārs Auga reached the finals of the BMX World Championship, which took place in the French city of Nantes, winning 7th place in the cruiser M17-24 competition. "I really liked the track - it's my style, technical, one that requires a lot of work. There was huge support in the stands, Latvians shouted. Luck helped, but it also has to be earned. The start failed in the semi-final. A couple of drivers had a crash, while I made a maneuver at the right moment and went fourth on the last straight, making it to the final. In the final, I drove from the seventh track, although I really wanted the eighth, so that there is no one next to me on one side. I was squeezed at the start, but in the turn I made a maneuver again and managed to "bite" one participant. The main goal was to reach the final. I have repeated my better result and keep the title of the 7th fastest driver in the world for another year." Renars, You are our joy, pride, example and inspiration for the whole BMX family! You are the best!