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BMX - Training to Win

Training to Win logoBMX project pretends to promote education in and trough sport with special focus on skills development, as well support the implementation of the EU Guidelines Dual Careers of Athletes. In this sense, the specific objectives are:

Objective 1.- To design a BMX integral training program for coaches and trainers.
Objective 2.- To develop BMX riders performance based on best practices of each partner and training international stages.
Objective 3.- To promote BMX benefits for children and youth (physically, mentally and socially).
Objective 4.- To stimulate dual career for BMX riders supporting professional and educational development.
Objective 5.- To promote social inclusion and equality in sport by a special programme based on gender and socioeconomic status.

Project Program: Erasmus+ Sport
Call: 2020
Project ID: 622085-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-SPO-SCP

Based on objectives and the theoretical framework, BMX project is based on three interrelated pillars: Training Program, Performance Program and Inclusion Program.

Project Duration is 30 months: 1 January 2021 - 30 June 2023.

Project consists of seven participants from six countries:

Coordinator BMX School Zaragoza (Spain)
Partner 1 Fundacion Universidad San Jorge (Spain)
Partner 2
Latvijas Sporta izglītības iestāžu Direktoru padome (Latvia)
Partner 3
CEIPES (Italy)
Partner 4
Slovenský Zväz Cyklistiky (Slovakia)
Partner 5
Portuguese Cycling Federation (Portugal)
Partner 6
Malta Street Sport Association (Malta)

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 Local Meetings
 Meeting #1 02.02.2021

Local Meeting 01.04.2022.
Local Meeting 01.04.2022. Photo 

Project Ambassadors' Visit Cards
Meeting #2 15.04.2021 Meeting 27.05.2022.
Project Ambassadors and the Battery Test
TM1 06.-09.09.2021   International conference 6th-7th Sep 21
Meeting #4 09.11.2021   Project Team Meets by Accident 20th Nov 21
 TM2 Online 20.-21.01.2022.   Visit Card of Project Ambassador Renars Auga 
Meeting 13.04.2022.  

Ambassador Renārs Auga -
winner of the BMX Latvian Cup 18.06.2022.

TM 21.-22.04.2022.I 
TM 21-22.04.2022. II

The ambassador of the project "Training to Win"
Renārs Auga wins European BMX Cup 25.-26.06.2022.

The group of trainers of the "Training to Win" project is meeting 09.08.2022.

The "Training to Win" ambassador participates in the European BMX Championship
and promotes the project 15.07.2022.

 3rd Transnational Meeting_Palermo_11.-12.10.2022.   BMX: "Training to Win" ambassador among the world's fastest BMX riders
    The development of the training course for BMX coaches is nearing completion
    Youth Sports Coaches Meet at an International Conference on Minority sports 27.10.2022.
    A report on the need for BMX training is available in the "Training to Win" project 21.11.2022.
    “Training to Win” Research Handbook Available 25.11.2022.
    BMX Training Course - Coming Soon 02.12.2022.
    An Open Access BMX Training Course Has Been Developed 17.01.2023.
    Join a Free Online BMX Training Course 24.01.2023.
    Haven't You registered for the BMX online training course yet? Let`s go! 23.03.2023.
    Publication of the Training to Win project in the Pages of the Magazine of the Olympic Committee of France 27.06.2023.